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2. November 2010 08:23

The future will be different ...

2. November 2010 08:23 by mike barlow | 0 Comments

I attended the Fairfield Westchester Chapter Society for Information Management CIO Executive Leadership Summit last week in Greenwich last week. It was a good event, with an all-star cast of CIOs and IT management gurus. A highlight of the day was the closing keynote by David A. Smith, a UK-based management consultant and futurist. His talk reminded us that the future won't be "more of the same only in a slightly different flavor" -- the future will be strikingly different. There were about 300 people in attendance, and I saw some of them reacting with skepticism to David's remarks. I also saw many of them paying close attention, and nodding in agreement with David's key points.

David obviously doesn't have a lock on the future -- nobody does. But his chat reminded us that predicting the future isn't easy, especially when your view of the future is clouded by your view of the present.