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5. January 2014 07:38

Storytelling, content or IP? From a writer's perspective, they're all the same ...

5. January 2014 07:38 by mike barlow | 0 Comments

I remember when I first heard the word "content," I was happy because it suggested that people other than storytellers were taking storytelling seriously and that bean counters were consciously assigning economic value to stories.

That said, things spiraled out of control fairly quickly afterwards, and it wasn't long before the term became genuinely wearisome. But that's cool. Some clients still prefer to see the word "content" in a contract and wince when they hear me talk about "storytelling." I have a client who will only refer to content as "IP," which I find really irritating. As long as his checks don't bounce, I can live with it, no matter how silly. From a writer's perspective, words such as "storytelling," "content" and "IP" all pretty much translate into the same thing. And that's fine with me!