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9. April 2010 17:05

Enjoyed Cloudforce 2 event at the Sheraton; Chatter will be huge success

9. April 2010 17:05 by mike barlow | 0 Comments

Here's something I don't usually say about vendor events: I really enjoyed it! The Cloudforce 2 "roadshow" at the Sheraton in Manhattan last week was both entertaining and educational. OK, it was basically one long sales pitch for, but it was still extremely useful and very interesting. I think that Chatter, which is's social media platform for business, is absolutely fantastic. I'm a major fan of Marc Benioff, one of the first software geeks to envision "the cloud." I'm also impressed by the way he hasn't lost his contempt for enterprise software and the whole philosophy behind it. At any rate, I predict that Chatter will be a huge success. And no, I don't work for Benioff and I own no shares of stock.

Apart from the cool technology ideas, three things about the event struck me:

1. Excellent finger food -- lots of raw veggies, chocolate chip cookies and some very tasty micro-cheeseburgers. Everything a writer needs to stay healthy and alert.

2. Unusually high level of rapport between the presenters and the audience. The presenters really knew their audience, and the audience seemed genuinely appreciative.

3. Did anyone else notice the absence of senior IT people in the audience, or was it just my imagination?