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3. March 2010 15:35

My new favorite blog: Thinking Outside the Inbox

3. March 2010 15:35 by mike barlow | 6 Comments

If you haven't had a chance to read "Thinking Outside the Inbox," the excellent blog by Luis Suarez, you're really missing a great experience. Luis is a true pioneer in the post-email universe, and he makes a strong argument for the end of email as we know it. The logical replacement for email is, of course, social media. Luis, by the way, is a social media evangelist at IBM. So he really knows how to make the case for using social media in a corporate environment. When you need to start convincing your boss that social media is the way to go, Luis is an valuable resource. And he also posts wonderful photos of his home island, Gran Canaria. Hey, it's nice to work from a gorgeous remote location!