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18. June 2010 12:45

File under ... another strange dream

18. June 2010 12:45 by mike barlow | 0 Comments

The other day an old friend of ours felt dizzy after climbing a long set of subway steps, and, to make a long story short, wound up in the hospital overnight. She's OK now, but I guess the episode stuck in my mind. This morning, right before I woke up, I dreamt that I was a young man, about 30, and I was sitting in the back of a car, waiting for a business associate. All of a sudden a beautiful woman, also in her 30s, gets in the front seat and tells me that it's time for me to die.

Clearly she's the angel of death. Naturally, in my dream, she's a sharp looking Latina, wearing a black business suit. I say, "Now?" and she replies, "Yes, now" and she takes out this weird pistol with a long blue plastic barrel and a pink feather where the grip usually is. No matter, it looks deadly enough. She presses the end of the barrel against my heart and squeezes the feather. I figure, this is it, so I'd better relax. I do some yoga breathing, start meditating, get real calm.

She gets pissed off and says, "This will work better if you look surprised." I figure I should cooperate, so I try to look surprised, but then she tells me that I'm doing a lousy job of looking surprised. While we're arguing over how I'm supposed to look while she's trying to kill me, I wake up.

I'm laughing now, but as you can imagine, I wasn't laughing in the dream. At any rate, I'm glad I woke up. And the weather is perfect!