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31. March 2010 12:11

Why wear your B2C hat when doing B2B marketing?

31. March 2010 12:11 by mike barlow | 1 Comments

My friend Ruth Stevens wrote a great post for her new blog on the Harvard Business Review web site. I recommend it highly, since it deals with some thorny issues facing B2B marketers. The comments are especially illuminating because they reveal what seems to be a fundamental misperception of the role of B2B marketing. Many of the readers immediately applied their B2C marketing sensibilities to Ruth's excellent B2B advice, and as a result, they really missed the point of the post. Check it out when you have a chance, and leave a comment. I know that Ruth will appreciate it.

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Thank you, Mike.  I am mystified by how many HBR readers missed my point, and just jumped to an anti-spam diatribe.  I realize that spam is an emotional issue.  But the inability of companies to use email to communicate to large swathes of their customers seems to me a wasted opportunity on both sides.  

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