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5. November 2010 04:49

Curtains before Thanksgiving

5. November 2010 04:49 by mike barlow | 0 Comments

I'm taking a quick break from editing a book manuscript about risk management. I write and edit books on the desktop computer in my home office; I write my blog on the laptop in the dining room. Some days, my main exercise consists of moving from one computer to another. Ah, the life of a modern writer!

At any rate, writing in the dining room brings up another issue: New curtains. Thanks to the efforts of a local builder, the vacant lot next door has been transformed into a towering mega-mansion. It's very pretty, but it's huge -- and when its owners move in, they will be able to gaze directly down into our dining room. Hence the need for new curtains.

My wife is in charge of any home improvements involving curtains, and she wants to get the new curtains up before Thanksgiving. This has created a certain, shall we say, atmosphere of tension in the house this morning. I had grown accustomed to ignoring the construction workers next door; it's a lot more difficult ignoreing my wife as she measures windows and tries to figure out which fabric is best for ensuring a degree of privacy without turning the room into a dark cave.

I am confident that she will meet the challenge and devise an elegant solution. Meantime, I'm retreating back to the home office!

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