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7. January 2011 22:40

The golden age of free social media

7. January 2011 22:40 by mike barlow | 2 Comments

Now reading The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires by Tim Wu, who makes a good case for the cyclical nature of communication markets. First you have invention, followed by anarchy, followed by increased control, followed by even more control, followed by monopolies, followed by new inventions that overturn the monopolies and launch the next cycle. I routinely tell my clients that now is the time to leverage the potential of social media -- not because social media has reached a perfect state, but because it's still virtually free. Give the network providers another couple of years and they'll figure out how to charge you for blogging. Now is the golden age of free social media -- make the most of it while it lasts.

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I may be the least savvy user of social media on the planet -- and yet, in the week since I began posting simple renditions of my original songs on YouTube and promoting them via my Facebook page, I have been more successful than I had anticipated in garnering views, eliciting comments and signing on subscribers. If my haphazard efforts have yielded this kind of traffic, imagine what I might accomplish if I were actually trying! (If this strikes you as a thinly veiled attempt to get suggestions from the readers of this blog on how to take my YouTube vlog to the "next level," then you are very perceptive and I would love to hear your ideas!)

The cycle is inevitable - looking at hsitorical trends somewhat predictable and relatively finite.  The potential value to be accrued from getting on board with the future sooner rather than later - priceless...

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